Forrest Glick

Peruvian Cooking Class

Cusco, Perú

Our menu: Pisco Sours, Crema de Maíz, Lomo Saltado and Chocolate Fondue

~ 3 ounces pisco
~ 1 ounce of lime juice
~ 1 ounce of bar syrup
~ 1 egg white
~ 6 ices cubes
Shake vigorously for 40 seconds and strain into glass. Top with garnish.
I just happened to be walking along the narrow side streets of Cusco when I came across a little shop offering cooking classes. In fact I was twenty feet past the entrance when I turned around to investigate. I signed up for the class the next afternoon with our chef, Freddy (Pedro). It was three and a half hours, starting with a walk to the local market to purchase our ingredients. It was a market like I had never quite experienced.
Freddy led us through the market, helping to select potatoes, rice, onions and the other ingredients we needed. In the section selling fruit, he bought a few items we had never seen and taste-tested them.
We then started cooking the ingredients we had prepared.
After returning from the market with our fresh ingredients, Freddy put us to work, chopping onions, tomatoes, potatoes and crushing garlic.
After a bit of wine and more cooking, we were ready to plate our meal.
It's very satisfying to enjoy a meal that you've prepared with new friends! I plan to take more cooking classes on my journey ahead, as this was a highlight of my time in Cusco.