Forrest Glick


Alternative Culture Community in Slovenia

Metelkova is an artist collective in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Once a military barracks, its buildings were taken over by squatters in 1993.
Many artists have their studios in Metelkova and the space's clubs play host to a range of music from punk to jazz to dub to techno.
Comprised of seven buildings, Metelkova is a self-organized community hosting several clubs, live music spaces, art galleries and artist studios.
Metelkova is a refreshing break from the homogeneous and prim European atmosphere of Slovenia's capital.
Once the sun sets, the entire space becomes a party, with over seven clubs and people everywhere throughout the common areas.
Metelkova is one of the few places in Slovenia to offer ethnic, sexual and other minorities the chance to socialise openly in a community.