Forrest Glick

Amsterdam to Madrid

Travels through Western Europe

Europe is fantastic. The food, the architecture, the people, but after 5 months, new adventures await. And with that, it is off to Japan.
After a few weeks in Scandinavia, I headed south to Amsterdam. Renting bikes and riding through the countryside, I explored the ring of canals and small towns along the coastline. Then it was off to Belgium, visiting Brussels and picturesque Bruges. Using a ride share car service, I traveled to Bordeaux, France and down to San Sebastián, Spain by train. I ended my European travels in wonderful Madrid, the city where I first landed 5 months prior.
The town of Bruges offered magnificent chocolates, waffles, fries (they originated in Belgium) and beer. A truly delicious experience!
San Sebastián, Spain is a seaside town known for being a foodie's delight. Pintxos are everywhere, and it is all too easy to eat more than your fill of the bite sized morsels.
It is best to see Amsterdam by bicycle. We rode out to the countryside, wandering from town to town.
Belgium offers a dizzying array of excellent beers. I toured a lambic brewery, doing it old school for the last 120 years.
You can often tell where people are from by looking at their shoes. Mine are chosen to accommodate many, many hours of getting lost down cobblestone streets.