Forrest Glick

Simply Scandinavia

Travels through Sweden & Copenhagen

Bikes, clean air, outdoor markets and free education. A lot to like in Scandinavia.
Malmö, Sweden - The Midnight Run. Over 4,000 runners ran a 10km course through the city. Finishers were rewarded with bananas and music in the central square.
Copenhagen, Denmark - I was pleased to discover a World Music Festival was taking place the week I was there. Nothing better than free outdoor music.
Education is free in Scandinavia. In fact, students are provided a monthly stipend for living expenses. Lund University, pictured below, was established in 1666 and offers a beautiful campus along with top-tier research programs.
The mass transportation systems are clean, quiet and run 24 hours a day. A bridge now connects Copenhagen to Sweden, taking just 22 minutes by train.