Forrest Glick

John Muir Trail

15 days in the Sierras

230 mile backpacking trip from Yosemite to Mt Whitney
I captured a quick image of half dome the night before the start of my trip. I was up early the next morning to climb four thousand vertical feet from the valley floor to sunrise trailhead. It was a good introduction to carrying my pack for the next two weeks.
I met some really great friends along the trail. There's something about being out in nature and the shared experience of hiking the trail that brings people together. About half the nights I camped alone, the rest of the time I shared a meal and stories with others.
It took me a total of 15 days to cover the 230 miles and 47,000 feet of elevation gain. It was an amazing experience and left me reflecting on so many things. It also inspired me to set out on my next adventure which is an around-the-world trip. I'm quitting my job as of April 1st to set out on new adventures! I hope you'll join me along the trail.
One of the best aspects of the trip was all the time I had to just be. No cellphones, no email, no news or TV. No conversations. Just time to listen and think, appreciate the beauty and reflect.